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Harnessing Sustainable Materials & Technologies To Build A Net-Negative Future.

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Swyftlyt Is Spearheading The Sustainable Home Building Revolution.

Swyftlyt combines 100% sustainable materials and energy-efficient passive solar home design to produce the first affordable, net-negative home.

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Swyftlyt PC-ABS & PC-ABS/TiO2 Filament for 3D printing

Swyftlyt's engineering-grade proprietary filament for 3D printing is made from up-cycled plastic waste making it 100% sustainable.

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Passive Home Design

Swyftlyt homes generate more power than they consume. Our homes are designed with climate and materials in mind to keep heating and cooling usage low.

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Sustainable Lumber

Swyftlyt is pioneering the way for sustainable lumber made from reinforced plastic waste.

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Our Mission

Accelerate net-negative construction.

The construction and home building industry accounts for almost half of global carbon emissions. By developing sustainable materials like 3D printing filament and sustainable lumber made from upcycled plastic waste, Swyftlyt is helping combat the 300 million tonnes of plastic waste that goes into landfills and oceans each year and reduce the carbon footprint of the home. As shortages in labor and materials continue to drive up the cost of housing and fuel the global housing crisis, Swyftlyt is committed to streamlining the net-negative manufacturing and assembly process to build beautiful, affordable, high-quality homes and communities.

Urgent Global Challenges


of global carbon emissions are caused by the construction industry and building performance.

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of a building's total lifetime carbon footprint results from its building materials.

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tonnes of plastic waste is generated each year.

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of extreme weather events were intensified by climate change.

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people impacted by the lack of affordable housing.

Our Strategy

Build a home that captures more carbon than it emits.

The longtime approach to reducing carbon emissions has been focused on improving energy efficiency and reducing overall energy usage. This approach ignores the impact that manufacturing, construction and transportation of building materials has on the carbon footprint of the home. Swyftlyt’s goal of achieving a net-negative future is accomplished by developing and building with 100% sustainable materials, exploiting passive home design which can reduce energy usage by 90%, and solar power which can generate more energy than the home consumes. 


This combination of strategies culminates in a home with a zero to net-negative footprint that also puts less stress on the electricity grid and earns the homeowner energy credits from net metering energy buyback programs. The end result is a net-negative home that pays for itself and has a positive impact on climate change.

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Our Strategy

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