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"Climate change is the largest threat we face as a planet. Growing up, my father was a marine biologist and as a result, I developed a keen awareness of the different types of ecological devastation. Throughout my life, I have despised our system of waste management, to the point where once, while I was working at a coffee shop, I would pull plastic jugs, containers, and bottles out of the garbage cans so they could be recycled. I started Swyftlyt™ with two goals in mind; to make a scalable impact on the climate and change what it truly means to be sustainable. If you’d like to learn more about my story check out my tik tok page!"

Aidan Vogel
Founder & CEO
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"My passion for conservation and nature is deeply embedded in my own life journey. I have always been inspired to connect to nature and regularly do so through snorkeling adventures, nature walks and camping trips, but also through things closer to home, such as gardening, composting, recycling and educating. My latest philanthropic project aims to reforest a small patch of land (169 Ha) where people can go on short retreats to connect to nature through planting trees and living simply. My scientific knowledge and experience lies predominantly in the physical sciences. I completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. In my Honors project, I studied the degradation of model chemical weapons compounds. My PhD involved studying the electrostatic interactions of second generation platinum anticancer drugs on DNA."

Dr. Joseph Moniodis
Lead Researcher
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